b. 1986
Hometown: Oshkosh, WI

Savannah College of Art and Design BFA 2009/ M.Arch 2010


Color Me Calm, 2016
Torrance Shipman Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Bindle, 2015
Hood Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Stephen Zerbe: Bed Sized Works, 2015
Tanja Grunert, New York, NY

BAM Art Auction 2015
Cheim and Read, New York, NY

Lucky Draw 2015
Sculpture Center, Queens, NY

Sorry Archive's "Shelf Life" 2015
SPRING/BREAK Moynihan Station, New York, NY

Ryobi Room Miami Beach, 2014
NADA/ Deauville Resort, Miami, FL

Ryobi Room 1 and 2, 2014
43 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY

By Invitation Only, 2014
Kinz + Tillou Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

Stephen Zerbe and B. Thom Stevenson "Troubletopia" 2014 Java Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Schoolhouse Projects at ArtHamptons 2013
Nova's Ark, Watermill, NY

"Magic Kingdom" Ideas City Festival, 2013 SPRING/BREAK Old School, New York, NY

Stephen Zerbe: Generic Paradise, 2013
End of Century, New York, NY

Post Paper, 2011
Gawker Artists, New York, NY

A Call to Arms: Six Emerging Designers
, 2011
Lu Magnus, New York, NY

Stephen Zerbe: Structure Junkie
, 2010
Youth Group Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Kolaj Magazine #15, 2016

ABC Journal Issue #2 (forthcoming)

Packet Biweekly Issue #072, 2016

Packet Biweekly Issue #060, 2015

Cakeboy Magazine Artist Interview, 2015

LVL3 Media Artist Interview, 2015

Packet Biweekly Issue #047: Fashion Special Vol. 2, 2015

AllDay: This Artist Makes Treasure Out of Your Trash, 2015

BACG Artist Film Library, 2014

untitled zine published by Etta Place for 8-Ball Zine Fair, 2012

Moonshot Magazine Issue #4, 2012

El Camino ArtRV, Stephen Zerbe: Reaction Services, 2011

ABC Journal Issue #1, 2011

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